Bungie- Destiny- Video Game- Sound Design, 5.1 Mix

Resolution Audio specializes in sound design, mixing, voice-over recording, ADR and foley sound effects for virtually every type of project. From films to documentaries, television to radio, video games to web content, corporate to commercials, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every project sounds as good as it looks.

We have two 5.1 audio mix suites running Avid Pro Tools, phone patch and ISDN connections for remote voice over sessions, and an ample library of both stock music and sound effects. And if your project requires custom sound effects, we eagerly venture out into the world with mics and recorders to capture that elusive sound wherever we might find it.

Drifting- Animated Short- Sound Design, Mix

Imperfections- Feature Film, Sound Design, ADR, 5.1 Mix

Intersport- Commercial- Sound Design, Mix

Neale Bayly Rides- Television Series- Sound Design, 5.1 Mix

Ty's List- Documentary- Sound Design, Mix

UrgentRX- Commercial- Sound Design, Mix

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